Safeguarding Children Policy

Child Protection

As a registered childminder and in accordance with the guidelines laid down in The Children Act (2004), I have a duty to report any suspicious incidents as well as accidents to the relevant authorities, as the welfare of the child is of paramount importance. Any injuries that your child has upon arrival at my home must be logged in my 'accident book' under 'existing injuries'.

A brief explanation, from you, on how the injury occurred will be required and also your signature. Any accidents that occur while your child is in my home will also be logged in the 'accident book', with an explanation as to how the accident occurred and again your signature will be required to witness the entry.

Any suspected incidents of abuse will be recorded and, if need be, passed to the relevant authority. If a suspected case of abuse is brought to my attention, I will first approach the child's parents. If there is a satisfactory explanation, then unnecessary investigations will be avoided. If explanations are unsatisfactory or the child still shows signs of abuse then I will not hesitate in contacting the authorities. If any cases of sexual abuse are suspected, then I will immediately inform the relevant authorities.

  1. Where concerns arise that are outside my skill or knowledge area it may be necessary to obtain confidential advice from my Early Years Quality Support Officer (Childminding) or the NCMA's Allegations and Complaints Service

  2. In case of real concern the Investigative Agency of The First Response Team will be contacted. This would be followed up in writing with 24 hours to First Response Team, Wedgewood Building, Tipping Street, Stafford. ST16 2DH

  3. In an emergency or if it was clear a crime had been committed I would not hesitate in calling the Staffordshire Police Child Abuse Investigation Unit

  4. Any allegations of abuse made against myself or my family would be taken seriously and reported to the Local Authority Designated Office (LADO)at First Response for guidance and also reported to OFSTED

I keep up to date with child protection issues and legislation and attend ongoing training.

All the above follow the guide lines set out by the Staffordshire Safeguarding children Board.