13 Easy Craft Ideas

13 Easy Craft Ideas
  1. Flour Picture

    Past all over a dark piece of paper, place on this a doyley, sift flour over the page, then gently remove the doyley.

  2. Candle Pictures

    Draw a picture with a piece of candle, cover with a weak paint wash.

  3. Macaroni Beads

    Thread macaroni onto a piece of string, paint the macaroni then coat with PVA glue.

  4. Combing Pictures

    Cover paper with a thick solution of (paint and pva mixture) draw over it with a comb.

  5. Blow Painting

    Blow with a straw, blobs of paint placed in the centre of the page.

  6. String Painting

    Fold paper in half - insert 'hairy' string covered in paint, pat hard then pull out string.

  7. Finger Painting

    To make homemade finger paint - mix flour and powdered paint in equal proportions and add water until smooth and thick. Let the children finger paint a wipeable table, lots of squidgy patterns, let them rub it and spread it - then press onto it a piece of paper, to take a print of the final design.

  8. Collage

    Glue teared paper onto paper. Use irregular shapes, coloured and textured materials.

  9. Doyley Painting

    Place doyley onto sheet of paper. Paint over and remove, leaves the pattern.

  10. Dribble Painting

    Drip paint onto paper, then tilt from side to side, or Blow watery paint with a straw, or Fold paper in half and press for a symmetrical patter.

  11. Salad Spinning Patterns

    Using a salad spinner - place in a piece of paper, drop on drips of paper then spin.

  12. Marbling

    Put a little water into a bowl or tray, sprinkle onto this dry powder paint of different colours. Place on a piece of paper and draw out across the paint.

  13. Bubble Printing

    Put paint (Pre-mixed with water and washing liquid) into a margarine tub - 'not too wide or deep' with a straw blow bubbles 'make sure the children know to blow and not suck', blow bubbles into the paint, when they come to the top, place over the bubble the paper, now you have a bubble print.