Equal Opportunities & Anti-Discrimination Inclusion Policy

Equal Opportunities

As a Registered Childminder and members of the 'Staffordshire Childminding Quality Partnership' I aim to provide a quality service for parents and their children. I will not discriminate against any child, family or group in society on grounds of gender, racial origin, cultural and social background (including religion, language, class and family pattern), disability, health, marital status, age or sexuality. I will also endeavor to promote access for all children to the same range of services, facilities and resources.

Britain today is a multicultural - multiracial society, the contribution made to this society by a variety of cultural groups will be viewed in a positive light and information about varying traditions, customs and festivals will be presented to the children as a source of pleasure and enjoyment. Children will be helped to develop a sense of identity within their racial, cultural and social groups, as well as having the opportunity to learn about cultural differences from their own. No culture will be represented as being superior from any other.

I do not make it a policy to deny enrolment if a child has a "special need", if I was unsure as to whether I could offer care to a "special needs" child, I would be very willing to try. The parents and I would then have to evaluate whether or not this arrangement was working and whether the child's needs were being met as I progressed. This is in the interest of the child, as my goal is to meet the needs of each child and unfortunately it may not be possible to do this in a domestic setting. However if after a discussion with the parents of the child in question, I realised that I do not have the training, equipment or facilities etc. needed to care for their child sadly I will be unable to do so.

I aim to recognise that all children and young people have the right to express their needs and I will endeavour to meet these needs. I will aim too safeguard the welfare of every child and to create a friendly and caring setting to challenge unacceptable language, actions or beliefs which may be prejudicial or exclusive to others. I aim to recognise the importance and needs of parents and families in the life of every child, to treat each child as an individual; recognising, valuing and encouraging their individuality and their potential. I aim to respect differences; to help each child develop their self-respect and to respect others. I aim to avoid stereotyping; each child will be given opportunities to explore, understand and value differences and similarities. I aim to provide positive images; each child will be offered access to a range of resources that reflect a rich diversity of society. I also aim to work in partnership with parents and with all others involved in the child's upbringing. I also provide a range of stimulating, fun and creative activities which are both age and ability appropriate and where applicable, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.