The First Meeting

The First Meeting

As with any kind of professional relationship, there may be a certain amount of tension and anxiety felt by both you and the childminder at the first meeting, but remember that you, of course, are the primary carer of your child; but during the day and for many hours, the childminder is the support to whom they come, look to and depend upon. I take this role very seriously, both as a professional in childcare and as a way of life.

My primary goal is to provide a loving, safe, stimulating environment for your child while you are at work. It is important that we work together as partners and that we feel comfortable discussing your child's needs. I look forward to maintaining a long and rewarding friendship with your child and family.

Your range of emotions may include:-

Feeling unhappy at the thoughts of parting from your child

Anxiety that the child will be safe and will not be too upset

Feeling you don't know enough about childminders and will not know how to assess them as being suitable

Doubting the decision to go back to work (it is not always a choice but a necessity)

Feeling upset at the possibility of missing out on certain milestones e.g. first tooth, word etc.

Whether you will like the childminder

Worried that the childminder will replace them in the child's affections.